Hotel Paradiso Review – Theatre Play in India. Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore

It’s a source of never-ending wonder that masks can convey such a myriad of human emotions. During this masterful 75-minute show not a single word is spoken nor a facial muscle exercised. Yet everything from love to grief, a sexual desire to horror is expressed.

Berlin-based physical theatre company Familie Flöz has had more than 20 years to perfect the art of masked performance, and perfect it they have. There’s not a gesture, bodily movement or tilt of the head that doesn’t communicate something, all precisely timed for maximum effect.

Familie Flöz has described Hotel Paradiso as “a cross between Fawlty Towers and the Bates Motel”, which is pretty much spot on. Run by a brother and sister team (although that’s far from what they are), with help from their elderly mother, this 4-star accommodation has seen better days. Presumably when their late father was at the helm – now he only looks down disappointedly from a portrait.

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